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As we transition into winter and the holidays, we may experience transitions in our lives. These transitions can be big or small, exciting and/or scary. But unlike the familiar season’s changes, some transitions are not predicted or expected. We are not always as prepared as we hoped to make changes, break routines, form new relationships and process the feelings that come with transitions. 

Sometimes we try to ignore the impact of change in our lives, and for our efforts, we gain feelings of unease and anxiety. Of course, some transitions will allow for different or more heightened feelings, than others. For example small changes like an altered diet may not have the same impact as moving away from home or changing the course of a relationship. 

To keep from avoiding uneasy feelings and changes during transition is it important to accept that the transition is occurring. Yes, this is easier said than done. But once accepted, we can move on to process what the next step is and begin seeing positive aspects that accompany changes. Self-awareness is key. If we ask ourselves, am I living in the past? How is this benefitting the future?  Do I want to decide to see the positive aspects within this transition and my future?

Depending on the situation, the answers to these questions may take some time dedicated to self-discovery. Supportive friends and family are also essential during tough changes. But there are times when it is relieving to have an open and empathetic ear from a therapist. A therapist can give tools, insight, and empathy that those close to the situation may have more difficulty with. 

Once the transition is accepted, life can be taken one day at a time and finding out the steps to take in this new chapter or way of life. Taking time to reflect on the process and what feelings one may be feeling at each crossroads will help with future transitions and keep the leap to acceptance smaller. Through the transition process we should be our own best friend and allow for any feelings, doubts, or questions to processed and reflected upon. This can be done alone, with a therapist, or supportive friends and family. Transitions are hard but fighting the change and pushing out feelings will make them harder and last longer. 
Accept. Process. Heal. Move forward.